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Main Codepen Profile

My profile page. Contains a couple of web oriented experiments. There were two main pens that gained some attention.

See the Pen Dynamic Eye by Dylan Gallardo (@CriticalMammal) on CodePen.

The "Dynamic Eye", was an exercise to learn javascript and to create something interactive. I wanted something that seemed to have a mind of its own and would act semi-independently when there wasn't any user input. There was actually a fair amount of research involved with how a real eye moves in order to achieve something that seemed somewhat realistic and had character. Most of the movement timing is fairly accurate, down to the milliseconds.

See the Pen Beautiful Physics Bug by Dylan Gallardo (@CriticalMammal) on CodePen.

Look familiar? I used a modified version of "Beautiful Physics Bug" for this website's background. I was trying to implement softbody "jelly" physics as a follow up for my javascript experiments. I ended up pursuing all the branching failures I was experiencing and ended up with a lot of visually interesting broken versions.