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Studio Animation


"A Day in the Connected Life"
  • Scene Layout
  • Lighting
  • Scene Render Prep
  • Minor Pipeline Scripting

Done on an extremely tight deadline in a small studio. We finished this two minute animation in an exhausting two weeks from conceptualization to final render/compositing. I was initially on scene layouts, matching 3d assets with the storyboards. Later I was moved onto lighting and eventually also helped with prepping scenes for render. I also did some very light pipeline scripting in Python. Mostly stuff like swapping out materials in a scene or renaming things to follow naming conventions.

Imagine Unfolded

  • Rigging
  • Lighting
  • Scene Render Prep

This was another project with a tight deadline. We had two weeks to create this animation. I assisted Nancy Jaquez-Orozco with the rigging of the unfolding/twisting objects for this animation. I also helped light and prep scenes for render. Almost this entire project was done in-house, including the rendering.