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Studio Animation


"A Day in the Connected Life"
  • Scene Layout
  • Lighting
  • Scene Render Prep
  • Minor Pipeline Scripting

Done on an extremely tight deadline in a small studio. We finished this two minute animation in an exhausting two weeks from conceptualization to final render/compositing. I was initially on scene layouts, matching 3d assets with the storyboards. Later I was moved onto lighting and eventually also helped with prepping scenes for render. I also did some very light pipeline scripting in Python. Mostly stuff like swapping out materials in a scene or renaming things to follow naming conventions.

We did the majority of the rendering locally at the studio. We tried using render layers in Maya 2017 for this project to split the separate render passes more efficiently. Sadly it ended up costing a lot of extra time since those features were prone to errors with how we were using them. We ended up needing to split out the separate render passes into individual scenes manually.

Imagine Unfolded

  • Rigging
  • Lighting
  • Scene Render Prep

This was another project with a tight deadline. We had two weeks to create this animation. I assisted Nancy Jaquez-Orozco with the rigging of the unfolding/twisting objects for this animation. I also helped light and prep scenes for render. Almost this entire project was done in-house, including the rendering.