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Press & Mentions

Free Loaders

Marlowe's Path was featured in Rock Paper Shotgun's Free Loaders article along with some other really awesome entries from the Fermi Paradox jam. Super proud to have been highlighted alongside so many other talented devs.
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PC Gamer

Marlowe's Path was featured in PC Gamer's weekly free game roundup post. "This not only looks fab, it also offers a new perspective on space—rarely do you play as a bit of machinery"
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I was featured in Kill Screen for my entry to's "A Game By It's Cover" game jam. Maddi Chilton's article describes that my game, Full Time Job "takes the mind-numbing task of job seeking and dilutes it to the minuscule elements of randomness and imperceptible difference that makes actual job hunting so stressful." Read the article

Warp Door

A bunch of my games were shown on Warp Door, a (pretty rad) video game curation site.
Check out the Marlowe's Path
Check out Full Time Job
Check out Fallarska

Vendreditch Game of the Week

Full Time Job was selected for the 'Vendreditch Game of the Week' blog post, run by Owen Ketillson @OwenKetillson. It's described as "a really great visualization of a job search. Much like a job hunt, Full Time Job is esoteric in how it presents the player’s goal."
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L'OUJEVIPO Jeux intéressants

I was featured in the French blog L'Oujevipo, run by the very cool @Oujevipo for my game Full Time Job. It in he describes that (with the help of google translate) "it gives us a metaphor for an interview that is, to say the least, disconcerting."
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Fallarska was talked about on 'WhatIPlayed', a website where @DamienWilkens said "While it only lasts a minute or so, Fallarska is a fascinating experiment in environmental storytelling and the way our minds can fill in the blanks of a narrative"
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