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Tech Tamer

Tech Tamer

A Dynamic drum soundtrack generator. Emphasis on natural sounding percussive rhythms. Made with Unity 3D.

A smaller experiment focusing on creating dynamic natural sounding jazz drum solos based on game input. The demo video demonstrates this with a simple first person 'game' that allows you to run around and interact with different objects. The player input modifies what the soundtrack generator decides to play (or not play). A huge amount of emphasis was ensuring that transitions around main phrases weren't awkward and that it could handle frequent changes in pacing.

Tech Tamer is centered on the idea of taking very modular audio clips (the different drum phrases) and mixing and matching them in ways that make sense. The audio clips used in the example were typically anywhere from a couple milliseconds to 4 or so seconds long in length. I used an audio sequencer to keep everything in sync and also send out events so that the audio can also affect the game's output rather than it being a one way relationship (where only the input is considered).

At some point I'd like to extend the functionality so that it can intelligently do drum fills and have more distinguishable longer phrases. It would also be nice to update it so that it can handle non-percussive instruments well too, such as synthesizers or ambient instruments.

An interesting reference found midway into development was Trans-Fuzja's "Games" performances. Their Pong Game performance (where the instrument input controls the paddles) is particularly interesting. They wrote a research paper where they describe it in more detail.

Windows Download

I can create a build for other platforms on request