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Project Rolodex

Source Code

Essentially a psuedo 3d game engine rather than a game itself. It's programmed nearly from scratch in C++ using the Simple Direct Media Layer (SDL) library which handles some of the lower level functionality (creating a window, getting keyboard input, loading images etc.)

This project started because I wanted to create the 3d "layered" look it currently has. It's also where the name "Rolodex" came from, since the visuals sort of resemble how a rolodex functions. Midway through development I was planning on turning it into some sort of puzzle game, though those mechanics never made it in because quite a lot of work was spent creating the backbone and core functionality. Most of the functionality and map editor tools are illustrated in the video above.

Project Micro tech Experiment Project Micro led to the development of Rolodex.

Project Micro was a tech experiment that laid the foundation for Rolodex. Also created using C++ and the SDL library. An experiment with scale and tile maps (loading, slicing an img into separate textures), file IO for saving each randomly generated map. Allows zooming in and out to pretty extreme amounts, and inside each "microchip" is another layer you can take control of and move around. Collision detection is implemented, the hot pink tiles were collidable. I also started playing with using smoother detached "cameras" that follow characters.