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Project Corridor

Project Corridor

This project started off as an experiment to create a fps with a gun that would be treated as a physics object, rather than being static. This led to a number of immediate issues and problems, but also yielded some very interesting little interactions and some moderately enjoyable shooting mechanics after wrestling with it.

Along with the gunplay, this project has a fair amount of work that involved AI navigation in randomly spawned rooms. Multiple separate "rooms" are spawned with pre-existing RAINAI navmeshes and lined up so that they connect at their doorways. After all the rooms are spawned all the separate nav meshes are merged into on large mesh and connected with navigation links at each gap between rooms

The approach to physics based interactions and movement led the gunplay and a lot of the core gameplay loop to take a secondary priority. These design decisions, and some of the other conflicts resulted in a game where the tiny physics based interactions took over the whole experience when they weren't originally intended to be the core of the game. Stepping back from the project it was easy to see that it needed some pretty heavy design revisions to work, so the game is being re-built to support a more cohesive direction in Unreal. The engine change is to allow for more future flexibility and to facilitate improvements to the visuals.

Corridor bullet raycasting Displaying the raycasts for the bullet ricochets and collisions in an early prototype. Bullet ricochets were removed later on.